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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Happy Feet vs. Linux

There are some budding entrepreneurs in my neighbourhood. On nice Saturday mornings some of the kids haul out their used toys in hope that someone will buy them and fund the purchase of newer more desirable toys. The newer toys in question are sometimes purchased from the table two driveways down and around the corner. It’s a nice thriving little economy.

One little neighbour was doing a great job for two hours on Saturday but there were a few leftovers. One leftover was a stuffed penguin. To his father, it looked like a Linux logo but to me the penguin looked like Lovelace the guru in the film Happy Feet - without the six pack ring necklace. Marketing is everything; so I went back home and pried a six pack ring off a pack of pop. The kids thought it was a great idea but no buyer stepped up to the plate. Now the young entrepreneur is keeping the more attractive accessorized penguin to the detriment of our local economy.

The last we heard, the penguin was freed from its inhumane necklace.

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