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Monday, June 29, 2009

Eggs-actly as Planned

Jenny is my idol for organisation and she faithfully creates a menu plan each week. It always sounds lovely and I can attest that her food is fabulous.

I've slid in the food preparation department in the last month. However, this week I thought about a menu plan and here is goes...

Monday - Buy groceries after work for hamburgers and salad. Oops I'm back home and forgot hamburger, guess we'll have eggs.

Tuesday - Hubby has a meeting and we're down to three of us. Hmmm, one is vegetarian. Ok, eggs again.

Wednesday - Canada Day - Picnic and fireworks... hard boiled eggs are easy to transport.....

Thursday - Friends over for a Mexican themed supper. Make salsa for eggs.

Friday - Pizza.

Jenny, I'm joking about eggs on Thursday, but the rest of the week ... not so much.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fingersticking Challenge

What was that sound? It was the wooooooosh of a Daring Cook's Challenge being posted around the world and passing me by. Ooops, totally fogot about the date and mixed it up with the reveal date.

This month's challenge was hosted by Jen of Use Real Butter. She chose to challenge us with Chinese Potstickers.

Jen's blog is gorgeous and she beautifully illustrates how to make the potstickers. Although, she pokes fun of how white folks roll out the dough! Well Jen, this whitey used her tortilla press and the dough was perfectly round.... but pleating skills in this house leave a lot to be desired.

We used a gluten free recipe and the dough was very gluey. Our finger tips morphed with the dough until we just pleated finger sticking blobs.

The gluten free recipe can be found on Jen's blog. Since it included wheat starch and I wasn't confident I could find a gluten free wheat starch, I substituted a combination of tapioca starch, rice starch and other gluten free flours.

Note that one of my connoisseurs loved the pot stickers.

Filling chopped and ready to be stuffed into the dough. It looked good but tasted suspiciously like dried out tofu. Wait, it was tofu. Ugh.

My perfectly round dough disks morphed into blobs once they were cooked.

Lessons Learned

1) For perfectly round flat gorgeous disks of dough, just use the tortilla press. I love my tortilla press.

2) Gluten free potstickers cling to fingers like glue so attempts at perfect pleats are laughable. Hahahahaha

3) Substituting tofu for pork in the filling is really not that appetizing.

4) This challenge pushed me way beyond my comfort zone and I loved the introduction to a completely different technique. Would I do this again? Maybe.

Thank you Jen for a great challenge!

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Monday, June 8, 2009


I was awoken yesterday by the sound of a large animal and hooves clattering on the pavement. Unfortunately, I wasn't fast enough to catch a glimpse of what it was... but I suspect a deer.

However, this little creature has been hopping around for a while.

I wish bunnies ate dandelions. He would be one well fed little fellow!