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Thursday, July 26, 2007

You Owe Me Chocolate

Did you ever wake up realizing the ringing phone is not a dream? What about trying to find that phone?

I love technology. Cordless phones. Cell phones. MP3s ... all of it. Everything now is so small, compact and not anchored to the wall. This only means that I spend quite a bit of time trying to find my high tech gadgets. I'm not above calling my cell phone to figure out where I left it but I'm doubly cursed because I often have to hunt for my glasses too. Too bad my glasses don't have a GPS attached because I can never find them. The problem is I can't see them, especially without them. It's a vicious cycle and invisible frames have not made my life easier. I've just resorted to announcing a bounty to my children if they find my glasses.

Anybody who finds Mommy's glasses gets a dollar!!!

They're older now and if you know the expression that a dollar doesn't go as far as it used to, watch your teenagers eyes roll when you announce the bounty. The indignity of this situation ... since I have to be close to see those eyes roll without my glasses too.

But back to my high tech woes. I have an emergency cell phone and when it rings, I spring into action.

Like last night.

At 3:00 am.

Maybe spring is too vigorous a statement because I just stood upright woozily wondering what I was doing manning the telethon phones in my pyjamas. I was still dreaming. My cell phone was ringing and I had to stumble around in the dark trying to find it. Here I am half asleep, in the dark, no glasses, trying to follow the ringing of a phone like a homing beacon but where the heck is the phone? Down the stairs, around the corner but the phone has stopped ringing. Aha, it's in my purse. I retrieve it, get the number and phone back immediately. No answer. This customer is not available. What?

Now I have to check my list of phone numbers to make sure it is not an emergency. It was a wrong number.

Hey, to the person who mistakenly called my cell this morning at 3:00 am. I have your number and you owe me chocolate.*

*See Dining Etiquette July 20th, 2007


sra said...

I thought I just left a comment - I keep hearing the cellphone when I'm a certain distance away from it, even when it's not ringing. apparently, it's a normal phenomenon among cellphone users

BC said...

Hmmm, would that be my phone you hear?