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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Beautiful British Columbia

My in laws just returned from a cruise on a working vessel through the British Columbia coastline. The boat takes a limited number of passengers and travels between small logging communities on the coastline. The crew would anchor the boat to the log booms floating at the shoreline when they reached each community. My father in law would fish off the back of the boat and snag the occasional log. He's pretty environmentally sensitive so he always threw them back into the water.

The West coast is known to be rainy but they had incredible days of sunshine. Except for this enchanting day when the fog slowly burned off as the sun climbed higher.

I wish I had been there. Apparently the company and the wine on board was terrific. They served VQA wines (Vintners Quality Alliance) to the guests... I'm sure that added to their enjoyment. Of course the company was terrific; I have quality in laws ya' know.

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