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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Wine Dilemma

I love a glass of wine with my meals but I'm the first to admit that I know very little about wine. Recently I hit upon a system for picking out first rate and reasonably priced wine. An employee at the local government wine and liquor store would write on the shelf labels "Recommended or Highly Recommended by JR*" I was hesitant since handwritten notes seemed a bit out of place in an official government store but I threw caution to the winds and bought a few bottles with different recommendations. What did I have to loose? My "guess and buy" was the worst sort of gambling anyway.

The selections completely knocked my socks off. I was so smug. I had a system and it made me look smart.

This system was a far cry from the time I wandered into a small wine shop and asked for help. After all, I'm willing to be very humble when my knowledge is lacking. I asked the young gentleman to recommend some wines.

Well, these wines on the higher shelves are more expensive than the others on the lower shelves, so they're better.

Here was someone as lost at sea as I was. I mumbled something about needing time to make a decision and scooted out of the store.

That's why JR was such a breath of fresh air. In my smugness I even sent my non drinking husband to the store to pick up wine saying to him...don't worry, anything JR recommends is fine... Hubby came back with a bottle of wine but with a haunted look in his eyes. JR works somewhere else.

Uh ... hubby, did you buy from the top shelf?

Cune Rioja 2004 Crianza ... very nice Spanish selection by hubby.

Wine website with more information on this wine

*not JRs real initials


Truffle said...

As someone else who loves wine but lacks knowledge I loved this post!

bliss & vinegar said...

I love wine too! Just found a great website with lots of info for wine newbies. Check it out:

Oh, and you have been tagged! Come check out the 7/26 post on my blog for more details: I hope you will play along!