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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Chipmunk Victory

Chipmunks 1, Humans 0

I purchased more Mason jars in anticipation of making red currant jam. Too late. I don't know how that chipmunk fits down into his little burrow. With the amount of raiding he is doing, he should be waddling. At least I know he is a healthy organically fed chipmunk.

On the other hand, we discovered why we had a squirrel invasion this week. Squirrels were scampering across our deck every five minutes. My husband didn't think anything of it until he saw one with a plastic bag. Was it shopping in the neighbourhood?

Nope, turns out that we forgot a bag of peanuts in our breezeway and the squirrels squirmed their way inside. My husband removed the bag and two ticked off squirrels were swearing at him when he took it away. Not that he understands squirrel language but hubby said their angry gestures spoke volumes.

He is Italian after all.