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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Grocery Etiquette

Grocery shopping with children can be a challenge any day of the week. There have been times when I felt we left a trail of destruction through the store just like Hansel and Gretel's breadcrumbs through the forest. I have a lot more experience now and I strategize. OK, basically I vote most of my children off the shopping trip island and take only one. It works pretty well.

This week my youngest begged me to push the cart around the store and I acquiesced. (It keeps me fit when I'm jogging one step ahead to prevent the cart ramming into the back of my legs)

Everything is under control, except other people.

My youngest was following me when an older lady cut between us and her husband followed suit. For an eight year old a grocery cart can be quite a challenge to steer and my son swerved. The gentlemen snapped gruffly "Hey, watch out there!" and my son's eyes went as round as saucers. He didn't touch the man with the cart. I was shocked at the man's tone and expression. My son was scared...meanwhile, Grouchy walked away.

How do you comfort your child?

I stuck out my tongue at the Grouchy's back...

My son giggled.


urban vegan said...

what a great post. yes...we need some etiquette. i'm sticking my tongue out at that man now.

we have 2 whole foods here in philadelphia, but the city has quickly outgrown them and they are always overcrowded--no room for carts, someone is always in your way, you always have to say "excuse me" to unclog the traffic jams in the aisles, etc. i can honestly say, although it's unpleasant shopping in such crowded cnditions, peopel are usually pretty nice.

Catie said...

awwww, poor buddy.
reminds me of the time that i was visiting and middle child (no names...) dropped an apple on the floor. we told her to put it back and i told her that that was why you always need to wash your fruit before you eat it... i think i surprised her (i have no idea how long ago that was though)...