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Saturday, June 9, 2007

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

My husband and I have this ongoing battle about the definition of workplace. It’s very clear for him. He’s off in the morning and every two weeks he has a paycheck deposited for productive behaviour.

On the other hand, my situation is a little more complex because I work at home, from home and casually outside the home. So which one is the workplace?

I’m working my way to the harassment part… Outside the home it’s very easy; when I’m paid it’s keep your hands to yourself. Inside the home it’s a little different. My opinion is the house is my workplace and managing it is my job description. Don’t get hot under the collar – we agreed that I would be the primary child bearer – minder – domestic captain of this ship.

Sooo, when my very affectionate husband wraps his arms around me as I’m preparing food … with a very sharp knife… is that sexual harassment? Let’s see. I can’t do my work. That’s interference. He’s not paying me. I love him. That’s commitment. In hubby’s opinion… no paycheck, no harassment.

This set me back on my heels. Until....

Ahhaaa, you pay me to run the business! Sexual harassment! I win! I win!

Yes, but cooking is a labour of love not money and I am just expressing my love. I never interfere when it’s business.


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