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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Just Add Hot Water

This week I was rushing around in the morning, doing laundry, washing dishes, tidying up and preparing for work when I realized the plants outside needed water. My youngest spent a lot of time nurturing tomato plants and sunflowers from seed. They were healthy and vigorous and almost ready to transplant. These were his babies; they were not going to die on my watch.

So I filled my watering can and hustled outside to give them a drink. While I was there I pulled a few weeds from my herb garden. Since my hands were dirty I decided to rinse them with the remaining water from my watering can. The water was warm... really really warm. I am just crossing my fingers that I didn't kill the plants......

Good news. The plants survived the warm bath but an animal ate the sunflower plants. I feel bad - but not guilty.

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