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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

April Showers Bring May Flours

Jenny from All Things Edible and I had coffee together this week and she said something that floored me.

"Flour is about $14.00 for 10 kg (22 pounds)"

My jaw dropped. I haven't bought flour in three months because I had to work through my stash. I've gone through about 70 kilos since September. Crazy right? We have homemade pizza, bread and other goodies. When you don't buy much bread, flour disappears fast.

But this is double the price of a few weeks ago. Great danes! This is a shocking 100% rise in prices in a week. How would that work out per annum? Ouch, I don't even want to go there.

I know, I know rising prices are in the news everyday, I shouldn't be surprised.

But I have an idea...

The website Ottawa Gas Prices posts prices for Ottawa area stations. There's often a wide spread between the different places. I think it's a great idea and my favourite gas station always ranks among the best. They also have very friendly staff which is an added bonus.

Anybody want to launch a flour website? I'll start ...

Costco 20kg flour for $20.79.


Jenny said...

Hehe You know I'm game, since I sent you on a frantic search for flour prices for me!

Loblaws and Independent Grocer, 10kg bag for $13.49, up from $8.99.

Possibly cheaper at Food Basics but then they don't sell Robin Hood and I won't buy any other kind right now.

BC said...
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BC said...

It's 20 kg of Baker's Hood flour or 10 kg of Duncan Hines flour at Costco. Both have worked for me.