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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Snow Day

For the first time I can remember, God declared a snow day.

Snow days are the holiday highlight of all children. And, to tell the truth, I still love a snow day. School buses are cancelled because of the dangerous driving conditions; that means that a good 100% of the children beg their parents to keep them home from school for the day. When nature takes it one step further, the schools have to be closed.

If we are lucky enough that the schools are closed, each child suits up in the morning and plays outside in conditions deemed too dangerous for learning.

Curiously, it's strangely peaceful. There is no traffic. Only the shrieks of overjoyed children and the wind howling can be heard as the children tumble and wade through the snow.

Most businesses gear down, since everyone knows that if we aren't taking care of our children, we are having fun lobbing snow balls at our neighbours.

This past week we received over 80 cm of snow (almost three feet). Neighbours pitched in to clear the snow and grind away at the snow plow deposit of grimy ice at the end of the driveways.

It's a great time to slow down and appreciate your family and neighbours - and we have great neighbours.

But for the first time I can ever remember, church services were reduced and/or cancelled. I guess God really did focus us on our priorities.


Jenny said...

So has the city made it by your area to remove a bit of your snow banks? Or are you struggling to get one car down your road as well?
Sunday was one heck of a day for snow, wasn't it? Nice to see all the neighbors out and have a chance to visit.

Catie said...

I love snow days! They were awesome. Here in Calgary we have had a "cold day" because with windchill it was -50 and they didn't want the kids waiting out in the cold for the buses I suppose. The next day school was open but the buses didn't run.

Deborah Dowd said...

My kids are so jealous- nary a dusting here this winter!