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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Roll of Exercise in 2009

We've run out of plastic wrap at our house.

I can only clearly remember buying two rolls during our entire marriage and we've been married over twenty years. Does this mean...

a) We are incredibly thrifty and cheap with plastic cling wrap?
b) Our cling wrap roll is gargantuan?
c) We weren't creative enough with cling wrap?

Our cling wrap roll was huge - it would have been a Hummer in the auto world. In fact the writing of the side of the box stated....

This roll is as long as the distance your parents told you they walked to school... up hill... every day...

I certainly never walked that far to school. My children walk half the distance that I did in my youth. Buying another roll seems like a pretty big commitment and other detritus has already slid into the space the box once occupied.

But I think we need a little more exercise and fun in our life - plastic wrap may be just the ticket.

So family, what do ya' think?

1 comment:

Jude said...

Well doing something like those kids in the video will definitely help with going through more cling wrap :)