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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Teflon Canary

Did you ever notice that a popular colour for kitchen walls is yellow?

Finally, I moved from white walls in my kitchen to a colour. I selected a vibrant yellow but I thought I'd add a twist to my ordinary kitchen. I would fresco it with white and work it into an inviting subtle pattern. Boy, this was going to be sophisticated.

The previous paint was oil base so we went with another oil base paint. Semi gloss. A little bit of sheen but not too much shine... I thought. At least that is how it works out with latex paint. Besides, I pointed out to my hubby, oil paint is much easier to clean.

Did you know that oil paint has a much higher shine facter than latex?

I can't help running my hands along the wall when I enter the kitchen since I've never felt such a smooth shiny wall. The fact that I can check my makeup in the reflection is just an added bonus.

We call that yellow oil paint the Teflon Canary because nothing will ever stick to it.

We have a lot of leftover Teflon Canary if anyone is interested.


Catie said...

hilarious - I can sort of imagine how teflon canary looks

any chance you can get one of the kids to email me a picture of the new kitchen?

Matt Wright said...

We ended up painting ours three times in total.. The first color we just called "cheap hawaian hotel green"... that is all that needs to be said. I guess we learnt never to paint a room at midnight.. you really have no idea what the color is going to look like!

Quellia said...

Where is the picture? If not the whole kitchen, then at least a patch of the wall.