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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Rush Hour

Homework. Time management. It's a tussle that every parent loves. I've discovered how my children multi task when they shower by practicing their cursive writing... and some of them practice more than others.

Everyone in the house wants the maximum amount of sleep in the morning. The result is that the shower is in high demand first thing in the morning. We all listen for the squeak of the bathroom door and spring into action to be the next one sliding into the shower.

You would think that there wouldn't be much time to do homework in the bathroom since this is our rush hour.

With a few teenagers in the house, the result of a few long showers at prime time is a steaming bathroom with fog billowing out under the door. The mirror is unusable. Even if you dry it off, the fog in the bathroom rushes to coat the newly cleared surface.

But my children make the best of the situation. They practice their script in big loopy letters all over the mirror. When you take a shower beautifully written words such as "So and so was here" magically appear. I don't want to discourage this practice since I think they're on to something and their script is really gorgeous.

Tomorrow I'm going write on the mirror before they get out of bed "If you can see this, your shower is too long"


Catie said...

This is hilarious, and the paint is beautiful

Clumsy Cook said...

Haha, this brings me back to when I lived at home... Two parents, three sisters, and one bathroom! Hated it then, but a happy sentiment just washed over me as I read your post---thanks!