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Monday, June 29, 2009

Eggs-actly as Planned

Jenny is my idol for organisation and she faithfully creates a menu plan each week. It always sounds lovely and I can attest that her food is fabulous.

I've slid in the food preparation department in the last month. However, this week I thought about a menu plan and here is goes...

Monday - Buy groceries after work for hamburgers and salad. Oops I'm back home and forgot hamburger, guess we'll have eggs.

Tuesday - Hubby has a meeting and we're down to three of us. Hmmm, one is vegetarian. Ok, eggs again.

Wednesday - Canada Day - Picnic and fireworks... hard boiled eggs are easy to transport.....

Thursday - Friends over for a Mexican themed supper. Make salsa for eggs.

Friday - Pizza.

Jenny, I'm joking about eggs on Thursday, but the rest of the week ... not so much.


Jenny said...

LOL! (Thanks, I needed that!)

breadchick said...

Yea, Jenny impresses the butter cream out of me with her weekly menu; especially when you know how busy she is!