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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fingersticking Challenge

What was that sound? It was the wooooooosh of a Daring Cook's Challenge being posted around the world and passing me by. Ooops, totally fogot about the date and mixed it up with the reveal date.

This month's challenge was hosted by Jen of Use Real Butter. She chose to challenge us with Chinese Potstickers.

Jen's blog is gorgeous and she beautifully illustrates how to make the potstickers. Although, she pokes fun of how white folks roll out the dough! Well Jen, this whitey used her tortilla press and the dough was perfectly round.... but pleating skills in this house leave a lot to be desired.

We used a gluten free recipe and the dough was very gluey. Our finger tips morphed with the dough until we just pleated finger sticking blobs.

The gluten free recipe can be found on Jen's blog. Since it included wheat starch and I wasn't confident I could find a gluten free wheat starch, I substituted a combination of tapioca starch, rice starch and other gluten free flours.

Note that one of my connoisseurs loved the pot stickers.

Filling chopped and ready to be stuffed into the dough. It looked good but tasted suspiciously like dried out tofu. Wait, it was tofu. Ugh.

My perfectly round dough disks morphed into blobs once they were cooked.

Lessons Learned

1) For perfectly round flat gorgeous disks of dough, just use the tortilla press. I love my tortilla press.

2) Gluten free potstickers cling to fingers like glue so attempts at perfect pleats are laughable. Hahahahaha

3) Substituting tofu for pork in the filling is really not that appetizing.

4) This challenge pushed me way beyond my comfort zone and I loved the introduction to a completely different technique. Would I do this again? Maybe.

Thank you Jen for a great challenge!

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Audax said...

MMMMMM gf dough can be tough in both senses of the word (if not three senses for the word) clever about the press I wish I had thought of it it would of saved me a lot of time and rolling. Well you learnt that going outside your comfort zone isn't fatal or even lethal. Very honest posting and thanks for the comments you left on my blog. I love yours I visit often I just don't leave any comments a little shy. Cheers

Jenny said...

Oh sure you will do it again, just with a different filling. And next time try the purses instead of the pleats. I know I plan to.
Btw, I recognize that face!

Jen Yu said...

Ah sweetie, I like how your gf version turned out. That is really tough stuff to work with (basically, anything without gluten!). The wheat starch I used was similarly uncooperative and I had a heck of a time pleating without breaking the dough. You guys always do such incredible work on the gf adaptations. I really appreciate that and have to give you extra kudos on your efforts. I think tapioca starch is my next stop (attempt) :) Great job! xxoo