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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mystery Solved!

Thanks to some research, a few comments and an email from Jenny we solved the mystery of the package I purchased.

The package of Yerba Mate was right beside the Pan in the Mexican and South American food section. The label on the shelf was covered by a stack of food but the packages were peeking out over top.

See the resemblance?

What I thought was a bag of coarsely ground cornmeal (the package resembled the same type of packaging) turned out to be a kilogram of loose tea.

Um, we don't drink that much tea. Thankfully the kind cashier took pity on us (snickering all the while) and returned the package.

Wouldn't you have made the same mistake?


Catie said...

hilarious - and that is a LOT of tea!

Arlette said...

Yerba Mate,
is a special herb popular in South America and some villages in Mount Lebanon - Shouf Area, where mostly are Mouwahadeen Dourouz followers live "another muslim regligion in Lebanon" some of these villagers immigrated to Venezuala, so the migration might brought this tradition to Lebanon.
Drinking Yerba Mate is different than drinking regular tea. It has a wood bowl similar to the head of a smoking pipe but the size is three times bigger. When I was a teeager I wached our neighbors every evening they sit outside in a circle, and they put a pot of hot water on a try in the center, and they fill the Meta bowl with Herba and add sugar and hot water and they sip and pass the bowl from one to one, I never attempt to taste it, because of the idea drinking from the same bowl part.
So I dont know if it does taste like tea or not, the smell of it, is similar to an herb.I remember our neighbors used to tell us this is very healthy and good for our body.

You took me back to my childhood memories ... wow its been a long time.