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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Savour the Tulips

This weekend my husband and I had the chance to sample some food and wines at the Savour the Tulips event with fellow blogger, Quellia from All Things Edible and her husband. Hugs and big thanks to our long suffering husbands for being good natured and patient while we scribbled notes, snapped pictures and debated the merits of one tasty morsel over another.

The atmosphere in the Mirror Tent was lively and upbeat with crowds of serious foodies whose Spring Fabulous! attire ranged from high heeled silk elegance to socks and birkenstocks.

...and the food, oh my the food was gorgeous.

ARC Lounge & Restaurant

Pasticceria Gelateria Italiana

My husband and I settled on the top three products that were absolute shining stars in this tasty event. Not only did our taste buds sing when we sampled these products, but we made sure we had the information to find them again... and again!

The first dish that captured our attention was the smoked salmon from The Pelican Fishery & Grill, the second was the Sweet Potato and Coconut Soup from the Red Apron and the third was salmon and turkey sausages from Denis' Fine Foods.

The gentlemen in this picture from Pelican Fishery & Grill had a line up that never quit, and for good reason. Everyone voted with their plates for the mouthwatering smoked salmon they were plating up for the crowds. My husband snatched the program from my hands to draw stars beside the restaurant name.

The Sweet Potato and Coconut soup from the Red Apron had a gingery zing to it and we loved the flavour. Check out their gorgeous website for more information on their products; as the website does much more justice to their products than a snapshot of the soup on my plate.

The sausages from Denis' Fine Foods were an absolute delight. Both the turkey and salmon thai sausages earned thumbs up at the table. They were served on a slice of cucumber with a sliver of pepper which was a welcome crunchy counter part to the sausage. I spoke briefly with the team preparing the sausages to ask about wheat and breadcrumbs. Even though gluten is not a concern for me, I don't purchase sausage with fillers because of the celiacs in my family and fillers indicate a lower quality sausage.

Guess what? No gluten and no fillers in these sausages!

There are no pictures of the sausage. Unforgiveable really, but we inhaled them and only realised once we were home that we had no pictures. The best food distracted us from taking pictures of it ...

Denis' Fine Foods does not currently have a website but their sausages are currently available at Loeb in the Glebe, Thyme and Again in Westboro, the Red Apron at Gladstone on Bronson and the Pelican Fishery & Grill.

It looks like quality sticks together.


Jenny said...

It is a downtown trip in the planning for both of us. :-)

Dharm said...

I would so love to be able to go for an event like this!! Looks like it was a load of fun too.