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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Going Bananas

Do you ever have a day when everything just seems great. Everyone smiles at you. The sun is brighter and your life train is running tickity-boo?

When my children were little, grocery shopping was an adventure. It was like climbing a mountain; you were never sure that you were going to make it to the peak without casualties.

The children had a sticker addiction which was easily satisfied by removing a sticker off a bunch of bananas and putting it on their hand or forehead. This distraction gave me about 30 seconds of uninterrupted time to shift focus to the apples.

My daughter chose that time to develop generosity and thoughtfulness by lovingly placing a banana sticker on my distracted forehead. It was a great day. Not only was I handling grocery shopping and my child was developing positive thoughtful character traits but everyone in the store was smiling at us all the time.

There is nothing like the feeling that you are getting a little recognition for a well behaved child... cuz' that must have been why everyone was smiling at us. Then I met an acquaintance who pointed out that my forehead was cute.

Cute? What was she talking about?

Aha, the sticker. I had completely forgotten about it. Embarrassed I made an executive decision. That sticker wasn't going anywhere, this was the best shopping trip I've had in a long time.


Quellia said...

Hehe I hope you took a picture, the two of you with stickers on your forehead maybe? :-)

BC said...

No pictures but I'm sure I can reproduce the moment!