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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Baking Party

I often accuse my husband of hoarding. Socks with more holiness than the Dalai Lama, pictures of old girlfriends, etc. There's a lot of detritus that can pile up in the corners of our life.

But I have a secret, I'm a hoarder too. I never realised that I was painted with the same brush until it was pointed out to me. After purchasing groceries my husband was helping me put them away. He looked at the groceries and asked in disbelief.

More bacon? We must have ten pounds of bacon in the freezer!

No way ...

I have a very strong sense of denial and I only buy bacon when a great brand is on sale. It turns out that I was right. We didn't have ten pounds of bacon in the freezer, we had thirteen.

We can eat this bacon detritus to avoid it's accumulation. But we don't eat that much bacon. This is a problem. I believe in tackling any problems without hesitation, so I turned to my friends for advice.

I think I'm going to have a bacon party. ...

My friends are always up for some fun.

A baking party? Hey that sounds like fun.

Bay-CON not bay-KING.



Bacon Update

My bacon count is down to 10. We ate one and gave two to a friend who needed bacon. Can you believe it? I'm truly blessed with great friends.

While working through this bacon issue I discovered that my problem is hereditary. My parents can't resist butter. You can't fight genes.

Pass the butter.


Deborah said...

You can never have too much bacon!!

Quellia said...

Oooh a bacon party? Can I come? :)
Bacon isn't bought here very often, but when it is, it is eaten right away, so I don't every have a problem with too much bacon!
Or butter, though I keep trying!

Anonymous said...

Haha, a bacon party? YUM!

I'm a hoarder in the kitchen too---I realized the other day I have two big bottles of curry powder, three of fennel seeds and four anise seeds!! Whoops!