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Monday, September 8, 2008


It's been a busy time for all of us. School, appointments, rearranging... I welcome the all the changes and busy-ness of this time of year. There has been quite a bit of painting this summer, most of it on the walls but I managed to sneak in a bit for my own pleasure.

There is an energetic happy dog that lives in our neighbourhood. She chews pink feather dusters, barks at the squirrel zipping along the fence, and constantly seeks the elusive chipmonk that burrows under the patio stones. Her name is Sadie, which means princess.This is my painting of Sadie surrounded by her family and a few furry friends. Who's who in the painting? That's a good question. There is a little of each person in everyone and a lot of joy throughout.


Catie said...

I've been trying to think of how to refer to the kids without their real names when commenting on your blog. I thought about "oldest son" etc but that seemed cumbersome. Then I remembered that each kid made up a fake name and now I will use those names! So, now I have two questions.

Is Sadie the dog that Zoe sometimes walks? And can you post a picture of Griff's green room?

By the way, I'm in my office at work and just wrote those names on a post it note, the only one I normally remember is Griff because I had a picture on my fridge for months with that signature instead of his real name.

Jenny said...

Thats great BC!
My aunt once had a dog named Sadie, I didn't know it meant Princess though.