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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Spectacular Camouflage

My children think I'm nuts. To tell the truth, they are probably not the only ones. There is a certain game we play called fetch and it goes like this...

"Mommy can't find her glasses, has anybody seen them?"

"No... no... no..."

"Does anybody know where they are?"

Another chorus of "Nos"

The glasses are the lovely seamless type. Seamlessness allows my husband to focus on the loveliness of my eyes without being distracted by clunky frames. Anything for romance... The drawback becomes apparent when the seamless frames blend into every piece of furniture that we own.

Since my eyesight isn't perfect, I can't find the glasses without, well, the glasses. There's nothing romantic about a squinty-eyed hunchback rooting through the couch cushions for her glasses. Therefore, I rely on younger eyes... (which is the whole reason we reproduce in the first place)

The next step is the reward.

"One dollar to whoever finds my glasses..." The kids are getting more savvy; it used to be 25 cents.

But now the game has evolved to a whole new direction. I asked my oldest if he knew where my glasses could be. He pointed to his head. Immediately, I felt the top of my head (it's happened before that they were on my head and I completely forgot) They weren't there. He burst out laughing.

I think he was circling his ear with his finger in the "you're nuts" sign.


Megan said...

Ohh, I can so relate!

Catie said...

I am laughing so hard. I can so picture the oldest son doing just that.

Nithya said...

I had a really long, tiring day, but reading your post totally cheered me up:)

aisha said...

Ha ha! I can't wait until my DDs are old enough to play that game. Right now they either grab my glasses off me or step on them!

Jenny said...

Oooh he's good.
Maybe you need to attach a sensor to your glasses, like a clapper, so that when you can't find them, you clap and they whistle! I know, brilliant!