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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Margarine Love Letters

Margarine is only good for love letters.

I love butter. If I die from a heart attack, it will be a pure 100% butter heart attack. Butter has an honoured place in our home. There are few pleasures greater than freshly popped popcorn drizzled in butter, hot toast with a sliver of butter and melt in your mouth baking - made with butter.

Which brings me back to margarine.

Early in our married life when we merged our households I bought margarine. (I was very young when we first married) Every morning I would have toast with margarine. Every morning I dug my knife into the margarine. Every morning I noticed that the margarine was nice and smooth again. Unbeknownst to me, my husband would lovingly smooth the margarine that I had ruthlessly hacked.

Not to be out done, I started smoothing out the margarine and leaving loving messages written on the top. It was a great system for newly weds.

We've hit a snag.

I haven't bought margarine in years and I miss sending those love letters. Butter isn't working because, well it's a lot harder to smooth out and frankly too small. Our 20th anniversary is closing in on us and my arsenal is empty.

I need a new system... before I'm left trying to scribe with Bengay and Metamucil.


Elle said...

That is so sweet to exchange love letters in the margarine. Not quite as romantic (unless you used heart shaped ones???) is sticking post-it notes of love in unexpected places...inside a pot lid or cupboard door, to the toothpaste tube, packet of crackers, etc. Try BenGay.

BC said...

That's a great idea! ... and when we're creakier, I can stick them on the Bengay tube!

Catie said...

That is so romantic. But seriously, some of the things you come up with really surprise me. What about a tub of spreadable cream cheese?

robin said...

When I saw the title of your post I thought you were doing a recipe play off of Mario Batali's mint love letter raviolis... with margarine. I held down my nausea long enough to read the post and you are just TOO CUTE! I LOVE this story! Happy upcoming anniversary!

ServesYouRight said...

That is the sweetest thing :-)