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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Playing the Game

We have this little game we play when we talk long distance with our relatives. It's called one upmanship with the weather and everyone wins so it's a great game. The conversation goes something like this.

Me: What's the weather like?
Relative: Oh, it's so cold here that absolute zero is close at hand.
Me: Hahaha we're warmer and loving it....or hahahahah we're colder!
Relative: Well, hahaha we're sunnier, rainier or whatever-ier!

Either way, both of us win because when there are only two places, one place has to be warmer and one place has to be colder. One party consoles them self with better weather and the other party with more noble suffering.

It's been a fun game.


My in laws purchased a cottage on a mountaintop. It's not really a mountain top, but compared to their home in a hot dessert valley, it's a virtual Swiss Heidi hide away.

Now the conversation plays out like this:

Me: What's the weather like?
Relative: Well it's so hot that my dashboard melted.
Me: Here it's so cold that our youngest froze to the dashboard....
Relative: HA! In the mountains it's even colder and we couldn't yodel.
Me: Oh.

What do you say? I'm neither the noble sufferer nor the better weather girl.

I need a new game.


Catie said...

Yeah, we do do that don't we. The trump card always seemed to be in spring with the flowers sprouting in Kelowna - that is what gets me when I talk to mom and dad at that time of year...

Elle said...

A good follow up comment to the mountain one could be something as non-sequential as 'Well, I guess so, but it's very wet right now at the shore.' That kind of ends the game with no winners or losers and you can move on to another topic...unless they come back with 'What?'