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Friday, August 17, 2007

Moose Lips

My lunch lately has consisted of sandwiches with grilled vegetables. Grilled zucchini and eggplant with fresh tomatoes. They are very summery sandwiches. I opened my lunch yeasterday and you know what two grilled eggplant slices look like when they hang out of the sandwich?

Moose lips.

Moose lips have been on my mind lately.

I read Hilary Clintons biography, which I enjoyed immensely. She wrote about the time she attended a Russian dinner and was served a soup with gelatinous moose lips floating in the broth. She wrote "I tasted a lot of unusual food for my country, but I drew the line at moose lips” She couldn't eat the moose lips for her country ... or for Boris Yeltsin.

After that passage, my dreams had been filled with wormy looking purply lips floating in my lunch time soup.

But, unlike Hilary Clinton, I know that I could eat moose lips for my country. After all I've practiced on eggplant.


marye said...

eggplant is NOT that bad..and it tastes much better when you call it aubergine.

BC said...

I really like eggplant - it just reminded me of Hilary Clinton's moose lips when I first looked at my sandwich. But I realize I'm giving fuel to aubergine protesters by referring to them as moose lips.

Sarah said...

Mooselips... bah hah!.... I've done the grilled zucchini on sammies before, but I've never tried eggplant.. good ideas abound !

Sarah said...

This one is for you zucchini splendor . Cheers !